Sunday, 9 February 2014

Learning with Newspaper Articles + Giveaway

In our increasingly media saturated world the newspaper as a form of news consumption seems to be fading. Instead of unfolding the crinkly pages of a periodical we look to the internet and social media for instant updates about current affairs. But as more people use these forums to become citizen journalist there is also an increase in opinion based writing and bias. As our technology savvy students begin to consume this media, I think that more than ever we have to teach them how to detect bias, analyze informational texts, and use their own critical thinking to create their own opinion about a topic without simply digesting the one that is already printed. I think that newspaper articles can be a fantastic forum for learning- from how to succinctly summarize main points, engagement in community and world issues, and identifying bias within writing. However many teachers can find newspaper articles a tedious topic to teach. With this in mind I have recently created several products surrounding newspaper articles and media studies. I have bundled them together in an Introduction to Newspaper Articles and Media Studies Bundle and would like to give one away- use the rafflecopter form below to enter.

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The 5W's of a Newspaper Article: Student Activity, Handout, and Classroom Posters

This product introduces students to the concept of the 5W's, Who, What, Where, When, and Why. They gain valuable skills to apply when reading newspaper articles through both a group and individual activity. Also included are the 5W's in a poster format for classroom display. 

Individual Activity: students get handout introducing the 5W’s and then read and underline them in a sample article. 

Group Activity: students use newspapers and find an article to analyze and share as a group, filling in the 5W’s summary sheet.

-Individual Activity Teaching Suggestions-5W’s Handout-Sample Article Student Worksheet-Sample Article Answer Sheet-Group Activity Teaching Suggestions-Group Activity Worksheet-5W’s Posters-Color Coding Poster

Media Studies: Word Wall Words and Definitions

This product contains 10 word wall words and their definitions surrounding the topic of media. The words included are: Media, Issue, Paradigm, Facts, Opinion, Bias, Propaganda, Perspective, Doublespeak, and Credible. These words will help students when exploring topics surrounding informational texts, global issues, and daily news.

I have also included these words without definitions for student use (for example: have students brainstorm their own definitions before putting up the class definition). 

Introduction- Identifying Bias: 3 Sample Articles + Group Activity

In this activity students read three sample articles that have been written from different perspectives surrounding the construction of a new community landfill (perspective of editorial writer, company, and city council). They fill out an interpretation sheet for each one and see how each author presents a slightly different perspective. They then answer a series of questions about/comparing all three articles. 

Contents:-Teaching Suggestions-3 Sample Articles written with bias-Article Interpretation Worksheet-Concluding Questions/Comparison Worksheet

Writing a Newspaper Article: Brainstorming, Planning, and Rough Draft Worksheets 

This product is a series of 5 worksheets walking students through the stages of writing a newspaper article. They start by brainstorming two possible topics they might want to write about, they move on the planning the 5W's of their article as well as the details and other information they will include, they then fill out a rough draft to edit. There is also a blank template for the writing of a good copy and space for a drawing or photo.


  1. I haven't yet, but I just bought a newspaper subscription so I can start doing this. Perfect timing!

  2. I used to use the Mini Pages as a Newspaper Center all the time.

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