Thursday, 20 November 2014

Book Talk Thursday: Time Warp Trio

Ages: 8+

Summary: A group of three friends travel time via an unpredictable magic book. They must travel through the time period they are stuck in until they can find the book and return home. Along the way they learn trivia and get and get caught up in a variety of silly adventures.

Quote: "For all the times we've time warped, I've never gotten used to it. It's like dreaming you're falling, floating in the ocean, and spinning in one of those awful teacup rides at the carnival all at once".

Application: Do you have trouble engaging your students with historical fiction? If books like The Magic Treehouse series do not inspire your students, you might want to try Time Warp Trio. Though these books are not overflowing with quite as much educational information as The Magic Treehouse, they offer a sillier, fast paced adventure for antsy students. Though these books are geared towards boys with their cheesy humour these books are perfect for any reluctant reader.

If the idea of time travel is a subject that engages your students when learning history, you might be interested in my Time Travel Unit Studies.

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