Friday, 17 October 2014

Paper Hack: Time Saving Uses For Receipt Paper In The Classroom

How many hours of the week do teachers spend cutting paper? Though I don't know an exact number I know how annoying it can be to spend time cutting paper to the right size when there are a hundred other things you could be doing. Though I haven't figured out a way to make cutting out tiny laminated game pieces any easier, I do have a paper sizing 'hack'- receipt paper. These are the rolls of paper 2-3 inches wide that you can get at many office supply stores in boxes of 12 or more. Easy to cut to any length and a variety of uses. 

Here are just some of the many uses of this nicely sized paper:

1. Word Wall

No more running out of space at the end of a long word. Simply cut after you're done writing. 

2. Student Comics

No more messy tape and glue and paper bits as students run out of room. Easily size length for the perfect comic strip paper. A great way for reluctant writers to tell stories.

3. Cork Board Border

A fun alternative to purchasing pre-designed borders. Have students draw on a length of receipt paper. A great way for them to see their handiwork around the classroom. You could also have each student draw a picture associated with one key term you are covering in a particular unit to decorate a display about that topic. 

4. Desk Strips

Sometimes a particular student will have difficulty with a particular concept and would benefit from a reminder on their desk. Rather than sourcing one online or printing off copies, make personalized desk strips with receipt paper. For example: one student might need help with their 6's multiplication, while another needs a reminder of the 9's. 

Fun Fact: receipt paper fits perfectly with clear packing tape. No need to laminate, simply take a piece of packing tape and fold over the paper lengthwise. There will be the perfect amount of border remaining. 

What are your time-saving teacher hacks? I'd love to hear in the comments below, or by email at 

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