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Top 10 Books For Boys: Ages 9-12

Though I'm a believer in the fact that there's no such thing as books for boys vs. girls, many parents and teachers report that they have an especially difficult time getting boys interested in reading. I think the right story can draw in even the most reluctant reader, so here are my top 10 picks for books that boys ages 9-12 are sure to enjoy.

1. Gordon Korman Adventure Books: Dive, Everest, Island

In the Dive trilogy students on a marine expedition fight over sunken treasure, add sharks to the mix and you get a riveting adventure. In the Everest trilogy youth from across the country compete to reach the top of Mt. Everest, facing all the danger along the way. The Island Trilogy: shipwreck, a storm, and survival.


2. The Edge Chronicles

A vividly written fantasy world of adventure and monsters. Charming and funny illustrations help the reader imagine the world of the main character, Twig, as he ventures into the Deepwoods. Beware the Gloamglozer.


3. The Alex Rider Series

Normal teenager Alex Rider becomes pulled into the world of spies and nefarious plots after he unravels the mystery of who his uncle really was. This series is action packed, filled with gadgets, villains, and quick getaways.

4. The Hardy Boys Series

With an extensive selection of books to choose from there is a mystery adventure for everyone with the Hardy Boys. A classic series with fast-moving plots so that readers get quickly pulled into the story.


5. Hatchet

Brian is stranded in the Canadian wilderness with nothing but a hatchet. Self discovery and self confidence ensue as he struggles to survive. Readers will stay enthralled as they follow Brian's journey through different survival methods. There are five books in this series in total, though it can also be read as a stand-alone book.


6. Books Of Ember

The City Of Ember tells the story of a city in darkness, the power is failing more regularly and Lina and Doon are determined to find a way to save the people of Ember, even if it means venturing into the Pipeworks.

In The People Of Sparks, the people of Ember have come to the surface, into a new world. At first they are taken in by the people of Sparks- but there are so many unanswered questions and curious differences, will they be able to live alongside these people?

The Prophet Of Yonwood is a prequel to The City Of Ember. Its 50 years before the City Of Ember is settled, with war looming on the horizon and a woman with a vision, this is a story of hope in a world that is out of control.

In the Diamond Of Darkness, after coming to the surface Lina and Doon are living with the people of Sparks, and the village is struggling through the winter. Doon has found a mysterious book, it tells a tale of something lost, and he and Lina go back into the dark city to find it.

These books are amazingly written, with vivid detail and adventure that pulls the reader in.

7. The Roman Mysteries

Telling the story of youth in ancient Rome, this vast series (17 books) is an amazing work to bring history to life. Through its stories the ancient world is painted in vivid detail, as it touches on subjects of power, social hierarchy, democracy and more, through well-worked narratives and endearing characters.

8. Percy Jackson And The Olympians (5 book series)

Sea monsters, titans, and other mythological monsters fill these books as Percy Jackson and his demigod friends embark on their adventures.


9. Holes

Accused of theft and sent to Camp Green Lake, this book tells the story of friendship, an outlaw, and a *hole* lot of digging.

10. Harry Potter

Though I consider this series mandatory reading for any age, the story of The Boy Who Lived is sure to entice even the most reluctant of readers. Enter a world of magic, friendship, good/evil, and adventure. The teaching potential of these books is endless.

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Many of the books listed here are adventures or mysteries, where the reader is always guessing what is going to happen next. These types of stories are great for making predictions as a reading strategy. I have a fun product here that you might enjoy using with your students as you make predictions before, during, and after reading a story

What are your favourite books that boys ages 9-12 love? I'd love to hear in the comments below, or at  

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